Family Dental Care

Rudolph Family Dentistry: Gentle Oral Care in Columbus, Indiana

Dentist in ColumbusAt Rudolph Family Dentistry in Columbus, Indiana, we provide a variety of affordable general and cosmetic dental services to area residents of all ages — patients from Edinburgh, Seymour, and Brown County included! Our dentists, Drs. Ellen Rudolph Jarvis, DMD, and William I. Rudolph, DMD, ensure adults and children an easy visit in a comfortable environment that results in healthy, confident smiles.

When you visit, we'll personalize your procedures and put your fears at ease with our gentle care so you never have to worry about visiting us for your oral needs.

General & Family Dentistry

Rudolph Family Dentistry offers solutions for all your general and family dentistry needs through routine examination and restorative work.

During your routine visit to our dental office (recommended every six months!) a team member will clean and polish your teeth, and Dr. Ellen Rudolph Jarvis or Dr. William I. Rudolph will examine your teeth and gums for signs of decay, damage, or disease. We want to keep your smile healthy, and exams let us achieve that by detecting serious issues and preventing minor problems from becoming worse.

Rudolph Family Dentistry also restores damaged smiles and offers procedures to alleviate pain from compromised teeth.

When we recommend a treatment, we'll make sure you understand the suggested procedure and that you leave our office confident you're well cared for by an experienced team with the latest technology.

Happy Visit

Parents know that forming healthy habits in kids is important. For this reason, Rudolph Family Dentistry offers Happy Visits so your child's first pediatric experience at the dentist is positive.

A Happy Visit provides children the chance to acclimate to the dental office. They'll sit in your lap, get used to the dental chair and lights, and during the visit we'll count their teeth and examine their hard and soft oral tissues, generally doing as much as child will allow. We'll also introduce them to "Rex," our clinic dinosaur which we use to show kids how to brush their teeth and explain dental procedures to them.

During the visit, our goal is to put your child at ease. Happy Visits are preventative and meant get them in the habit of visiting the dentist and cleaning their teeth.

Pediatric dentistry is available for children as young as 12 months or when their first tooth shows.

Bridges & Crowns

Dentist in ColumbusIf you've lost a tooth and have a gap in your smile, there are several options to restore your smile. The first is a dental implant. These provide a long-term solution but often are expensive. The second solution is dentures. Unlike dental implants, dentures are inexpensive, but they are impermanent and may not be the best solution if few teeth are missing.

The third option is permanent but also budget-friendly: a bridge. A bridge uses crowns and a false tooth to literally bridge the gap in your teeth, thereby repairing your smile and preventing the neighboring teeth from shifting in your mouth. Such a device can improve your ability to eat and talk, prevent jaw problems, keep teeth from shifting, and will restore your smile.

Dentist Columbus InIf you've experienced tooth decay or trauma that requires large fillings or which may result in worsening problems, Dr. Ellen Rudolph Jarvis or Dr. William I. Rudolph might recommend installing a crown to alleviate the pain and protect the tooth. A crown fits atop a damaged tooth, replacing its size, shape, and appearance, and a crown can keep a weak tooth from breaking or repair a tooth that's broken already, preventing the need for a root canal or extraction.

Crowns can also serve cosmetic purposes by covering misshapen or discolored or titanium implants. Inquire for a free consultation.

Dentures and Partials

Dentist Columbus In

At times, tooth decay and disease can lead to multiple teeth needing extracted. If you've undergone multiple extractions, you may benefit from a smile replacement with dentures. Dentures are removable prosthetics that substitute for some or all your teeth.

There are two kinds of dentures: partials and complete. Partial dentures replace only a small section of your teeth and are secured with a small piece of metal. Complete dentures replace all your teeth. To provide these dentures, Dr. Jarvis or Dr. Rudolph may at times need to remove remaining teeth to make room for the prosthetic.

Digital X-Rays

Dental PracticeDentists commonly take X-rays to examine the interior health of teeth and to find other issues not visible during a visual examination. But not all offer digital X-rays. Rather than use traditional X-ray film, our dentists use X-rays to capture digital images, which are available immediately to view. This process also exposes you to less radiation, helping ensure your health in the long-run, and takes less time than traditional methods.

There are several types of digital radiography procedures that Rudolph Family Dentistry uses. These include:

Panorex: Panorex provides a panoramic view of your teeth and the surrounding bone.
Bitewings: Bitewings help our dentist detect gum disease, issues with tooth alignment, and cavities between and behind your teeth.
Periapical: A periapical X-ray takes an image of a whole tooth and provides the dentist a close-up image that magnifies potential problems.